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Neste MY is made of renewable raw materials

In 2020, waste and residues accounted for 83% of Neste's total renewable raw materials globally. We use approximately 10 different sustainably-produced raw materials to produce renewable products at our refineries in Finland, the Netherlands and Singapore. Proportions of individual raw materials in Neste's refining vary from year to year, depending on their availability, price, and specific market requirements.

Neste's proprietary NEXBTL technology enables the use of a wide variety of renewable fats and oils in the production of renewable products. Our renewable products are always of premium quality, regardless of the raw materials used in their production.

Current raw materials

Neste MY Renewable Diesel can be made from a wide variety of waste, residues and other renewable raw materials, ensuring continuous availability as demand increases.

Used cooking oil

Animal fat from food industry waste

Vegetable oil processing waste and residues

Fish fat from fish processing waste

Technical corn oil (a residue from ethanol production)

Sustainably produced vegetable oils

What is Neste MY renewable diesel made of? 


Innovative new raw materials

We are constantly looking into diversifying our portfolio with new raw materials. Replacing fossil oil with renewable and recycled raw materials helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. 

Our raw materials strategy is based on three key principles

  • Expanding the range of waste and residues 
  • Diversification of the raw materials pool and developing new processing technologies
  • Exploration and development of new innovative raw materials

In the mid- to longer term, we aim to continue diversifying our portfolio with, for example, novel vegetable oils (NVO) from advanced agricultural concepts as well as agricultural and forest harvesting residues. Neste also continues exploring algae, municipal solid waste and Power-to-X. We are taking steps to ensure the availability of raw materials, for example by acquiring equity stakes in companies specialised in the collection of waste and residues, and through the development of our technical capabilities to process more challenging raw materials.



Virtual visit of our raw materials laboratory in Porvoo

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Neste MY Renewable Diesel can be made from a diverse mix of 100% renewable raw materials whilst ensuring a consistent product quality.

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