Distribution grid operator Stedin: working together towards a world full of new energy!

Stedin, part of the Stedin Groep, is the independent grid operator for the most urbanized and industrialized region of the Netherlands: the Province of Utrecht and the major part of South Holland. Over 2 million families and professional clients are benefiting from the future-proof and affordable sustainable energy system they are working on. Working together towards a world full of new energy, that’s the mission. Choosing Neste MY matches this mission. Michel Draaijer, Head of Logistics and Material at Stedin, explains in detail how and why they shifted gears.

What are Stedin’s climate targets?

We try to keep the impact of our activities within the boundaries of our planet: One Planet Thinking. We mapped the themes where our impact was the biggest. Four themes stood out: climate change, use of resources, healthy air and an inclusive society. We engage ourselves to actively reduce our impact regarding the first three themes. When it comes to an inclusive society, we aim to increase our impact and set an example for other companies.

With regard to greenhouse gases and our climate targets, we follow the ‘well below 2 degrees’ scenario, as established in the Paris climate agreement. Stedin Groep wants to be climate neutral in 2030 in terms of CO2 equivalents.

When did fossil-free diesel come into the picture?

After red diesel got banned, we started to use biodiesel. This generated problems in our tanks and aggregates because of the growth of bacteria. It jeopardized the continuity of our activities and we faced unnecessary costs due to clogged filters and a shorter maintenance cycle.

I heard of HVO for the first time in October 2016. As with the generators, we also wanted to reduce the CO2e emissions of our trucks. With Neste MY, the warranty provided by our truck manufacturers remains valid. There were also environmental zones being introduced in urban areas, which is why we chose to anticipate this with Neste MY.

Did you consider electricity or biodiesel as possible alternatives?

We experienced quite some issues using biodiesel. There are electric alternatives when it comes to aggregates, but not in the way we use them. We often don’t know how long an aggregate is needed in case of a failure, and therefore it is important to be able to easily fill up with diesel. Yet, we still look into the possible use of electricity in the future.

How did you switch to Neste MY Renewable Diesel?

In 2017, we started a pilot with our aggregate supplier for 1,000 liter. Our intention was to have a clear view on the differences in terms of power, wear and consumption compared to fossil diesel. The results were satisfying. We continued with a bigger pilot at our home base in Utrecht with 68,000 liter in our own tanks.

What advantages does Neste MY offer Stedin?

With the help of Neste MY we reduce the CO2e emission of our aggregates and trucks. In 2020, we consumed 546,000 liters of Neste MY, leading up to a reduction of more than 1.5 million kilos CO2e emission compared to traditional fossil diesel. What’s more important is that we  as an organization can show that we value sustainability and engage ourselves to do our share, reducing our own CO2e emission.

How do the employees experience the switch?

The drivers and mechanics point out it has less odour. This is, of course, very important in the specific case of Stedin, as we are active a lot in residential areas and as we strive for cleaner and healthier air. Furthermore, it is quite like using conventional diesel; the fallouts are limited and the maintenance schedules remain the same. Our clients, the residents, notice as well there is less smell, and less smoke.


“Thanks to Neste MY we reduce the CO2e emission of our aggregates and trucks. Over 1,5 million kg in 2020!”

– Michel Draaijer, Head of Logistics and Material at Stedin


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