Pretty cool: Dailycool transport cuts 3.5 million kg CO2e emissions

Dailycool, expert in conditioned transport based near Alkmaar, the Netherlands, has been refuelling Neste MY Renewable Diesel for its entire fleet since May 2020. With around 350 transports of freshly cut vegetables, fresh pizzas and salads every week to Albert Heijn distribution centres, it now cuts CO2e emissions with 3,5 million kg every year.


Zijaanzicht van een Dailycool vrachtwagen die geparkeerd staat bij een tankstation

Switching to Neste MY Renewable Diesel just like that

“After consultation with our distributor GP Groot, we set a date and on that specific day we switched completely from regular fossil diesel to fossil-free Neste MY Renewable Diesel,” says Dailycool Director Rinus Peekstok.

“We made the switch for our entire fleet and a number of cooling engines, and we have had no problems whatsoever. Not for our drivers, nor for our cars or cooling engines.”

A choice for immediate, sustainable impact

“The decision to immediately achieve sustainability gains happened in close consultation with our customer Vezet. In the end, we chose Neste MY as an alternative for regular fossil diesel because it can make a direct, immediate impact.”

“Our reduction in greenhouse gases and particulate matter emissions is gigantic. We checked alternatives like electricity, biodiesel and biogas, but they were not economically feasible: they require modifications to cars and/or infrastructure,” Mr. Peekstok explains.

High quality fuel, less maintenance

“Better even: Neste MY is a clean, odourless high quality fuel,” Mr. Peekstok continues.

“Our engines have become quieter and more economical. The fuel also runs perfectly; we expect our engine oil and filters to last longer. We’d need less maintenance that way too.”

Delighted drivers, customers and prospects

“Existing customers think it's very important that we organise our transport in a sustainable way. Potential new customers can see we distinguish ourselves clearly from competition that way. This is catching on in the market.”

“And just like our clients, our drivers are delighted they can contribute to a more sustainable society.” 

Logo Dailycool en foto van Rinus Peekstok


 “Our entire fleet switched to fossil-free right away, without additional investment.”
- Rinus Peekstok, General Manager Dailycool


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